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SOW Title I School Compact

I will:

  • Send my child to school every day.  Do not let absences or tardies become a habit for you child.
  • Keep in contact with school as often as possible.
  • Support the school dress and discipline codes and commitment to education contract.
  • Be an active participant in my child’s learning process
  • ​Let the teacher know if my child has any problems with assignments.
  • Encourage my child to read as often as possible
  • Keep asking what he/she learned at school today
  • Encourage my child to be committed to the SOW school contract.
  • Help my child to see how important a High School Diploma is and that graduation is attainable.

I will:

  • Complete my classwork to the best of my ability
  • Come to school prepared to participate and learn
  • Respect adults, myself and other students.  Follow the ideals of Character Counts.
  • Obey school rules
  • Complete my homework
  • Let my teacher and family know if I need help
  • Read on my own every day
  • Work on my math and reading skills at home, using the materials I have at school
  • Write down assignments, do my homework every day, and turn it in when it’s due
  • Commit to getting the best grades I can get.

I will:

  • Have high expectations for all students
  • Develop a classroom climate that is comfortable for all students
  • Develop proficient learners
  • Enforce rules fairly and consistently
  • Provide the books and necessary supplies for education
  • Create a partnership with every family in my class
  • Monitor student progress in reading and math and update parents during SLC evaluations
  • Make sure all students get help as soon as it’s needed
  • Send home learning materials in math and reading
  • Explain my approach to teaching, expectations, and grading system to students and their families
  • Continually work on my teaching strategies so that I can successfully teach all children.
  • Assign work that is relevant and interesting
  • Make sure students understand the assignment and  what they’ll learn from it, and grade it promptly.

Title I at School on Wheels

The purpose of our parent involvement policy is to ensure that we involve our parents to the maximum extent possible in their children’s education and in their school. To that end, we will:

  1. Conduct student review sessions 6 times during the year – one meeting every 6 week grading period to which all parents are invited and requirements of Title I and the rights of the parents to be involved will be discussed. Sign-in sheets will be used to document parental participation at this and all meetings. Minutes will be taken which will include parents’ comments and questions.
  2. Additionally, we will hold meetings during the year (including parent involvement meetings, parent/teacher conferences, family nights, etc) for the parents at various times to ensure that the parents have the opportunity to participate in their children’s education and in their school.
  3. The parents will be encouraged and invited to participate in the development of an implementation of this policy. We will ensure that parents have a voice in the development of all Title I policies and programs and they are signatories of all plans and policies.
  4. Title I information will be included in all school newsletters, on the marquee as appropriate, on School Link and on the school’s website. In addition, we will hold an annual open house/curriculum night at which the school’s program, including assessments and the results of the assessments will be discussed. The teachers all have phone extensions and/or email addresses that will be published so that parents can freely contact their children’s teacher to discuss their children’s education.
  5. If any parents are not satisfied with the Title I program plan, they may submit comments to the school which will be shared with the district. All comments and correspondences from parents, positive or negative, will be saved and kept in the Title I notebook and used to help with the design and running of the Title I program.
  6. A parent/teacher/student/school/administration compact has been developed with the parents that spell out the responsibilities of all of the parties that will assure that all children reach their potential. In addition, the compact will spell out the methods of communication the school will use to ensure maximum contact between the parents and those in the schools responsible for the education of their children. These will include, but not be limited to parent/teacher conferences, regular (weekly, biweekly, monthly) progress reports, and the publication of teachers’ email addresses and phone extensions mentioned above.

The parent involvement meetings and family academic theme nights will include the sharing of test score information and PED grade, and information on how parents can support the academic education of their children. Feedback from the parents will be sought on how to best meet their and their children’s needs. The school staff will work with the parents to ensure that all parties are aware of and understand the state standards.

We will ensure that the parental involvement is not limited to Title I, but will extend to all programs that their children may be participating in, regardless of the source of funding and the origin of the program (school, district, state or federal).

All meetings will be announced in a timely fashion and in multiple formats and in the languages of the families that send children to the school. Also, when needed, childcare will be provided to those parents who need it.

Data collected (participation rates, plus/deltas, comments, etc) will be used to plan the following year’s parental involvement policy and activities.