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Program & Admissions

Here at School on Wheels, staff, advisors, mentors, parents, and peers pledge to help you realize your full capacities, interests, and future goals. Get an interest-based education that matches up with your career aspirations! Come and check out what SoW has to offer you! 

Graduates of  School on Wheels receive a high school diploma. The school is accredited and students must fulfill all of the requirements set for high schools by the Albuquerque Board of Education and the State of New Mexico.

Program Features

  • School on Wheels is a school of choice work-study/credit recovery high school.  
  • School on Wheels provides career exploration on Wednesdays and student internships within APS.  
  • School on Wheels awards elective credit for work or volunteer hours.  
  • Each student takes five core classes. (Math, English, Science, and Social Studies) 
  • Each student will have a Team Leader/Advisor who will work personally with them until graduation.  

Admissions Policy & Entrance Requirements

  • 9th–12th graders 
  • The applicant must attend a mandatory orientation meeting with a sponsoring adult and the Principal, Mrs. Romero, to learn about school policies and goals and to enroll formally. 

Student Information

Self-discipline guides students to make mature adult choices. We strive to maintain a safe educational and work environment for everybody.

The Five Basic Rules

We have Five Basic Rules for students while at school, work, or any school-related functions.   We maintain an environment in which there will be absolutely:

  1. No Fighting
  2. No threats of violence to students, staff, or other persons
  3. No drugs or alcoholic beverages
  4. No weapons
  5. No Violating the Commitment Contract

Violation of any of the five basic rules requires immediate termination from School On Wheels.

School On Wheels is a full-day program.  Work credit may be earned during afternoon, evening, or weekend hours.  In addition to work credit, students can be placed in an internship position for elective credit. 


Do you know what you want to do after high school or are you not so sure? 

Explore your future career and be better informed about what you want to do when you grow up. You could intern as a welder, a pharmacist, an RN, an electrician, a marine biologist, a carpenter, a museum curator, or a teacher.

Each School On Wheels student is part of a close-knit team.

  • Teachers are called "Team Leaders" and provide support to students. 
  • Teams are kept small, so every team member receives individual attention.
  • Each six weeks students attend student reviews with their team leader and parent(s).