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  Diane Greene (505) 243-2395 ex: 47919 Nurse
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Positive COVID-19 Test Results

All students or staff who have been on campus must notify the school principal, Lori Romero of positive COVID-19 test results as soon as possible.

School Immunization Requirements

All students must be immunized according to the rules and regulations of the public health division and department of health and be able to provide evidence of immunization in order to enroll in school:  § 24-5-2, NMSA 1978

Update Contact Information

If your child is ill or injured, it is essential for us to be able to get in touch with a parent, guardian, or other emergency contact.

If you change your email or phone numbers, please update your contact information in ParentVue.

Vax View NM

Print your own immunizations from the NM Department of Health






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